Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

Our Janitorial Cleaning Supplies includes a comprehensive range of high quality consumable products with regular and reliable deliveries at very competitive prices. In line with company policy, RFC Cleaning Services actively source greener products.

Some of the Friendly Products

  • Biodegradable Sacks

  • Bin Liners & Compostable Sacks

  • Waste Segregation Bins

  • Urinal Mats & Air Sanitisers


 Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The company has developed this particular strategy to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the janitorial products to ensure its kept to a minimum.

We accept that there is still a need to use some conventional cleaning materials, but we are committed to replace where possible, conventional cleaning materials with greener solutions when there is no compromise to performance.

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We provide specific types of dispensers for toilet tissue, hand towels and soap, free on loan when the products are purchase from us. We can supply everything you need for both your domestic and commercial janitorial product needs.
If you are looking for a dependable, professional and environmentally friendly janitorial supplies company, then call us on 01 676 60 99 for a free quotation.